Deep Water Access, Home for your boat Gulf of Mexico

New Port Richey, in Pasco County, Florida, has a reputation for its waterways and access to the Gulf of Mexico. A property at an address like 3632 Harborview Ct is in a prime position for a boating enthusiast for several reasons:


1. Waterfront Access: Homes in this area often have direct waterfront access or are in communities with water access. This means you might dock your boat right at your property or use community facilities to get out on the water quickly. Deep water access, no bridges. Direct access to Gulf of Mexico. Low tide 4.6 to 5 ft depth in channel. Depth at dock 8 ft. Seawall 80 ft. Planned floating dock for two 40 to 45 ft boats, each with a beam of up to 26 ft. Channel over 200 ft wide.

2. Boating Community: Being in a community of fellow boaters can provide advantages such as shared tips about the best fishing spots, organized group outings, and help with boat maintenance and care. Two private boat ramps in the community.

Gulf Harbors

3. Proximity to the Gulf: Access to the Gulf of Mexico is a significant draw for boaters looking to explore beyond local waterways. This provides opportunities for a range of activities, from leisurely sails to more adventurous deep-sea fishing or even trips along the coast.

4. Marine Services: In areas popular with boaters, you often find an excellent selection of marine services. This includes boat repairs, marinas, and stores stocked with boating necessities and extras.

200 ft + channel

5. Lifestyle and Entertainment: Waterfront communities near the Gulf often enjoy a vibrant lifestyle, with plenty of waterfront dining, beautiful sunset views, and community events. This enhances the experience of living in these areas beyond just the boating aspect.

If you’re seriously considering a property in this location for its boating benefits, you’d do well to investigate specific details such as water depth at low tide (to ensure it meets the needs of your boat), the condition of any existing docking facilities, and direct access to broader waterways. Checking local regulations concerning watercraft and docking, understanding any homeowners’ association (HOA) rules, and getting a sense of the community vibe are also crucial steps in making an informed decision.

For the most accurate and current information, I’d recommend contacting local real estate agents who specialize in waterfront properties, or exploring local listings online. They can provide specific details about the property at 3632 Harborview Ct and advice on whether it’s a good fit for your boating lifestyle.

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